Thanks for the nomination to Deutscher Jazzpreis 2024. Check my live dates and upcoming releases
– super happy about many great Releases last year !!! please Check some of ‚em out: disco here.
– Looking forward to be playing with BONAPARTE again in 2024. We have toured the world and beyond  together in the years 2010 – 2015.
I feel very excited to be back joining the group with a great concept for two completely different shows for each city.     RIOT|QUIET
– 2023 had  very intense working / recording / producing the new Album with TAU – Super happy about the result – news coming soon – release in June 2024
– also I finished my first year teaching as Professor for Jazz Drums in HfM Nürnberg.
It has been great fun and so much learning at the same time. Very Very happy to be able to do this job and seeing/exploring another perspective of being a musician/student/human.
– no life without playing concerts for an audience!! so please check out my upcoming concerts in 2024 . Im looking forward to work with my main projects and some new things as well…. find dates here
22 – 23
Gigs gigs gigs with my 3 babies!!
nov 22
NEW ALBUM!!!!    MELT TRIO  „CONSUMER“ on funinthechurch
We are very happy with it. Please check it out, come see us live!
new video:
October 22
Just started a teaching Job as Professor for Jazz Drums at Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg!
Great school, staff, colleagues and students. I am very happy to be part of this educational program. Very much looking forward to face new tasks in my life and meet lots of young musicians and fresh ideas.
june 22
new Lisbeth Quartett Record „RELEASE“ out on INTAKT
Infos here:
Lots of gigs coming up with the Band in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Slovenia – check LIVE
june 21….
super happy to be on the road again and again and again !!!
GIGS coming up in summer with  
TAU 5 / Elia Rediger /Absolutley Sweet Marie / Kalle Kalima Trio / Angelica Nescier / Toby Delius and Simon Jermyn / Johannes Bigge Trio / Stefan Schulze Large / Evi Fillipou / Lorenz Kellhuber Trio etc.
little overview on gigs the next weeks:
21.6.21 open fundus HAMBURG Benjamin Schäfer /Elia Rediger / Sophie Bernado / Robert Lucaciu
24.06.2021 – Absolutely Sweet Marie /Mannheim, Jazz im Busch
25.06.2021 – Absolutely Sweet Marie / München, Unterfahrt
26.06.2021 – Absolutely Sweet Marie / Bayreuth, Wilhelminenaue

Johannes Bigge Trio

7.7. Weilheim // 8.7 Fabrik Frankfurt a .M. // 10.7. Donau115 Berlin


2.9. Cologne Jazzweek / 3.9. Berlin @ JAZZEXZESS / 29.9. @ Renée Bar Basel CH / 30.9 Stuttgart

feb 21
Great new project! Check Concert video live @ AL’ARME Festivel 2020
jan 2021
My record of the YEAR (actually of the years 2018 /19/20/2021 – it took so much time  to make this…
TAU 5 „Kreise“ out now on VINYL, CD and DIGITAL
I’m so happy about this – please check it out.
Get your Copy HERE
june 2020
so happy! to announce first Single and VIDEO Release of TAU 5 – a band I was working with producing the record for the past 4 years.
(Philipp Gropper – sax; Petter Eldh – bass; Philip Zoubek – synths; Ludwig Wandinger – electronics and me on drums)
ALBUM will be Released in Nov 2020 on funinthechurch
our first incredible VIDEO to our first single FUEGO is a true blast!  made by the one and only visual genius markus s fiedler. Check it OUT!
plays puchasre our album we will donate all shares from june 5 th – june 7th to: Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland Bund e.V. 
Here is live video from a gig which we made the recording from 
big news. First time social media in my life…..find me on INSTAGRAM
may 2020
super happy to announce TAU 5 live premiere at MOERS FESTIVAL 2020
after 4 years of hard work making our record „TAU 5“:
Philipp Gropper – sax
Philip Zoubek – synths
Petter Eldh – bass
Ludwig Wandinger – electronics
M.B.: – drums
we will play one set june 1st at 5:30 pm
our record TAU 5 will be released on Oct/Nov at saatsakt /funinthechurch
NEW RELEASE + Video Lorenz Kellhuber Trio 
EP „about:blank“
all improvised from scratch live at Blackbird Studios Berlin
find the complete EP on Spotify
please check out our improvised set SAMADHI from may 1st recorded at Blackbird Music Studios:
Lorenz Kellhuber – p
Felix Henkelhausen – b
Moritz Baumgärtner – dr
april 20
check in for new EP – Release about:blank  Lorenz Kellhuber Trio may 8th
LIVE STREAM Concerts from Blackbird Studios Berlin April 8th and 9th
more dates coming…
feb 20
excited for new project with NYC based pianist and composer LUCIAN BAN and french bassclarinet legend LOUIS SCLAVIS launching in may for a tour in romania
jan 20 
I’m honored to be the first resident artist for new concert series INSIDE…
at zig zag jazzclub playing new music every monday this month with some of my favorite musicians in the world – check the program here
dec 19
great new release „SAMADHI“ with Lorenz Kellhuber Trio feat. Felix Henkelhausen and me. only improvisation. live from a concert at the grand hall at theater regensburg
nov 19
I will be featured guest for new concert series at ZigZag Jazzclub in Berlin in JANUARY 20
Playing every Monday with one of my main projects. Check dates:
oct 19
TAU (Gropper,Eldh,Zoubek,Baumgärtner) finally has a first record. It took 4 long years of hard work. 
Last months we were honored to work with Ludwig Wandinger for final producing and mixing and Martin Ruch for mastering.
We created some blast of futureistic music with no home but lots of love and direction to outaspace!
Realease date and further Infos coming soon…
Also I am very excited to be on tour with SUN DEW in France next week Oct 14 – 19
 Jazzfestival tour in Poland OCT 21 – 26 coming up with the amazing Wiecek & Gaweda Qintett feat.: RALPH ALESSI
check LIVE
july 19
new release Melt Trio + Jan Bang INSTANTS out now. Check on apple music or spotify
looking forward to be part of Lorenz Kellhuber NEW Trio with Felix Henkelhausen and me playing Bohemia Jazz Festival and some Berlin Shows – release coming end of this year!!:
July 9 – Prague
July 10 – Pilsen
July 18 – Berlin Zigzag
July 19 – Berlin Zigzag
april 19
Mats Spillmann TRIO
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Moritz Baumgärtner – drums
Andreas Lang – bass
Matthias Spillmann – trumpet
 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
8.4. – Zürich, Villa Schneckenmann
9.4. – Luzern, Kleintheater
10.4. – Hamburg, Fatt JAzz im Übel und Gefährlich
11.4. – Berlin, A-Trane
march 19
Weidner | Lang | Baumgärtner 
live at serious series
feb 2019….
2.2.19 @ West Germany
– teaching at Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber DRESDEN, Drum Bachelor, Master and Improvising Ensemble WS 18/19. Great school with great students ans staff! Thanks for this amazing experience.
– Check out Melt Trio Gig live at MOERS Festival 2018 on main stage! filmed by Arte Concert HERE!
– New BAND with Christian Weidner -sax, Andreas Lang – bass
check out a rough video of our great gig live @ SERIOUS SERIES Berlin
– Some nice gigs coming up with Johnanna Borchert Band (Jonas Westergaard, Peter Meyer)
April 7 th Borsun Sanat – Istanbul
April 19th Stadtgarten – Köln
April 20th Bix – Stuttgart
 check some music HERE from our gig in Copenhagen Jazzfetsival
Super Happy to be once more nominated for JAZZ ECHO 2018 with great Lisbeth Quartett for ENSEMBLE NATIONAL…

Back in Berlin from great 3  week residency in Sri Lanka @ music matters Colombo. Lots of great music, composing, rehearsing, practising, exchanging music with great people at

Switzerland GIGS

with Mats Spillmann and Andreas Lang !!!! YEAH!!! also record coming soon!

March 28th Zürich TICKETS

March 29th Winterthur TICKETS

More Gigs in Switzerland with MARIE KRUTTLI TRIO @ CULLY JAZZ Festival
April 14th and 17th
CHECK Lisbeth Tour Dates FEB 6 – 17 and Autumn 2018:
after touring in Africa with Arne Jansen, Europe with Melt Trio, Maurice und die Familie Summen and the Lisbeth Quartett this autumn/winter season, I’m really excited to announce beautiful release of Johanna Borchert Band „LOVE OR EMPTINESS with Peter Meyer – git, Jonas Westergaard – bass, moog, voc.
We are presenting this new music on the road:





SEPT 2017
– busy Month producing new TAU record with Philipp Gropper, Petter Eldh and Philip Zoubek
AND working on music with new DreamBand Christian Weidner – sax; Andreas Lang – bass
– looking forward to be on tour with ARNE JANSEN TRIO in AFRIKA from Sept 30th – Oct 13th
– new Lisbeth QUARTETT Album TIOM is gonna be released OCT
– next to YAMAHA-drums I’m happy to announce new Endorsement with REMO Drumheads
July 2017
– New Band with Mats Spillmann, great trumpet player from zürich CH and Andi Lang, we did a nice live recording @ Birds Eye Basel during our 4 Gigs residency there in July
– finished recordings with TAU (Gropper/Eldh/Zoubek/me) starting to edit.  Record coming spring 2018 – fingers crossed!!
June 2017
New band!!!
TRIO with Christian Weidner and Andreas Lang – two of my all time favorite musicians and persons. I’m very excited to announce our first concert @ DONAU 115 June 30th
Another new Trio is playing the day before in Donau 115, I’m really excited to play with long time fellow Oli potratz and young amazing guitar player LUCA AARON
29th June Donau 115
ANOTHER New Trio is residing for ONE WEEK @ Birds Eye Jazzclub in Basel – CH
19 – 23 of July
Mats Spillmann – tr
Andreas Lang – bass
me – drums
Some SummerFestivals coming up with Frittenbude (Uri Gincel paying keys –  and back on the big stages again with me – like in the old days with Bonaparte…) check for dates
Feb 2017
Just got back from a great Tour with Peter Ehwalds Touble Trouble + MARIACHI BRASS in Mexico and San Salvador – – – – –
Now got the new and very happy to be one out of three nominies for ECHO Jazz 2017 in category drums / national for MELT TRIO Record STROY.
Come check out the band on our little early 2017 TOUR:
08.02.17 Jena, Theater
09.02.17 Nürnberg, Brozzi Jazz
10.02.17 Ulm, Kradhalle
11.02.17 Altenburg, Jazzklub
12.02.17 Duisburg, Lokal Harmonie
13.02.17 Freiburg, Blue Rabbit
15.02.17 Frankfurt, Fabrik
!!!!!!!!! Melt Trio STROY out now (26.8.16)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
check reviews, music tour dates HERE
June 15 – exciting day!
– Melt Trio „STROY“ first copies ready and to be released in august – check ARTE Tracks vids still around here and here
– Melt Trio Release Shows for OCT 16 and FEB 17 check LIVE
– first SOLO gig booked June 18th in Museum Altranft
new release „Schapitzki“ to be released on UNIT in Autumn Felix Wahnschaffe/Marc Schmolling/Matthias Pichler
– Lisbeth Tour in autumn – also playing in Hungary… check dates
May 3
new release Igor Osypov Quartett w Max Mucha/ Wanja Slavin OUT NOW on polish label fortune records
 – new release Johannes Bigge Trio check/buy here
April 25
Nice little documentary on Arte TRACKS about Melt Trio, Uri Gincel, Donau115, me, music, berlin, young people.
Also 2 new Songs sneak preview for Melt Trio 3rd record shot live at donau 115 by nice guys from arte tracks
March 9
Just finished mixing MELT TRIO No. 3 with Martin Ruch @ alte Wache
release is end of august on TRAUMTON Records 
melt mixing grösser
March 5
Arte TRACKS is doing a Portrait about Me/MeltTrio/UriGincel Trio + filming a live concert @ Donau 115 of Melt Trio on March 5
Watch live on Arte April 23 or online for the next 12 months
Feb 25th
check out Johannes Bigge Trio Release on nWog Records (Nils Wograms Label)
Feb 20
recording new Album with Johanna Borchert Band and producer Olaf Opal in Funkhausstudios
check for news
Nov 2015
I’m very excited to sub for John Hollenbeck with the TONY MALABY TUBACELLO Quartet in Saalfelden on 30st, Geneva Nov 1st and Linz Nov 3rd
check out this great band!
LISBETH LIVE Release on Nov 13th on TRAUMTON
live record from several gigs on the „framed frequencies release tour“ in 14/15
check for purchase, listen, information
 New Project *TAU * hunting the golden ratio – recording our first album in september (Petter ELDH,Philipp GROPPER,Philipp ZOUBEK,mE)
Just Recorded Melt Trio 3 In Stockholm!!! To be released March 2016
Special Concert on July 31st @ DONAU 115 with
Keisuke Matsuno (NYC) – git, effects
Lars Graugaard (Copenhagen) – live sampling
Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-29 um 14.01.17
MELT TRIO live Concert from donau 115 filmed for AleX TV
X-JAZZ may 7 – 10
I’m playing 7th @ Privat Club MELT TRIO + JAN BANG (live sampling from Norway) sarting 9:30 pm sharp!
I’m playing 8th @ Flux Bau JOHANNA BORCHERT FM BIOGRAPHY starting 9:30 pm sharp!
I’m playing 9th @ Flux Bau URI GINCEL TRIO strating 11 pm sharp!
Check out a nice little interview with me in STICKS Magazin 05/2015:
inhalt 0515.qxd
Melt Trio + Jan Bang XJazz Berlin 7.5.15 @ PrivatClub
further Melt Trio Gigs:
13.2Jazz Föderation Hamburg @ Cascada
27.2. Mi B Festival Bremen
also check:

Check a little video about a nice new project of Julia Hülsmann and Theo Bleckman where I am playing in.

Check out Lisbeth Quartett live @ Jazz Baltica


broadcasted 15.11.2014 on NDR


New Project:

Moritz at MOERS Festival and Music Meeting Nijmegen with Julia Hülsmann, Theo Bleckmann and Hayden Chisholm

please check out our gig from june 8 at Moers Jazzfestival in full length:    VIDEO

Oliver Lutz Quartett SIGNAL with Christoph Möckel – sax, Pablo Held – wurlitzer; Oli Lutz – Bass, comp.


check it out

New Bonaparte Record out now



New Rosa Rauschen Record „10 Miniaturen“ release in Sept ’14

Felix Wahnscharfe – sax , comp Achim Kaufmann – p, Andreas Lang – b

more infos here


Florian Fleischer und das gelbe vom Ei


Flo Fleischer – git,comp / Niklas Kraft – sax / Andreas Lang – b / MB – dr

check here

LISBETH Quartet „Framed Frequencies“ Release Tour



a nice review of our new Record in Berliner Tagesspiegel

new CD Framed Frequencies

MELT trio Meyer/Baumgärtner/Meyer  HYMNOLIA OUT NOW!!

Melttrio Hymnolia



Berlin RELEASE Concert @ A-trane  Nov 12th

reserve tickets

more Melt Trio HYMNOLIA live dates

Video from the recording session in April 2013 @ Vicsound Studios Stockholm

Check Uri Gincel Trio „FREE“ released on Sept. 20th




Another great fresh release:

Lisbeth Quartett „Framed Frequencies“ out in January 2014

check here

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