Lisbeth Quartett

New Record „there is only make“  on Traumton Records

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Jazzfest Berlin (GER), JazzDor (GER), Opus Jazzclub (HU), Goethe Institut Paris (FR), Cornelia Street Cafe (NYC), Rockwood Music Hall (NYC), JazzBaltica (GER), 12Points Dublin (IE), Unterfahrt (GER), Moods (CH), A Trane Berlin (GER), Rolf Liebermann Studio NDR (GER), Palatia Jazz (GER), Jazz Institute Darmstadt (GER)


November 2 Uelzen, GER

November 3 Forum, MS, Lüneburg, GER

November 4 Kesselhaus, Lauenau, GER

November 6 Theaterstübchen, Kassel, GER

November 13 Seidlvilla, Muenchen, GER

November 14 Stadtgarten, Köln, GER

February 8 Kallmann Museum, Ismaningen, GER

February 9 Gut Mohrstein, GER

February 16 Jazzstudio Nürnberg, GER

February 22 Jazztone Lörrach, GER


Charlotte Greve – Saxophone, Composition

Manuel Schmiedel – Piano

Marc Muellbauer – Bass

Moritz Baumgaertner – Drums



Past Release Concerts in 2017 /18:


October 31 w/ LQ, Loft, Cologne, GER

November 3 w/ LQ, Jazzy Colours Festival, Paris, FR

November 9 w/ LQ, Pianosalon, Berlin, GER

November 11 w/ LQ, Kulturforum, Kiel, GER

February 6 w/ LQ, Klappsmuehl, Mannheim, GER

February 7 w/ LQ, Die Fabrik, Frankfurt, GER

February 9 w/LQ, Reutte, GER

February 10 w/ LQ, Birdland, Neuburg, GER

February 11 w/ LQ, Kunstraum, Tosterglope, GER

February 14 w/ LQ, Golem, Hamburg, GER

February 15 w/ LQ, Orania, Berlin, GER

February 15 w/LQ, Jazzinstitut, Darmstadt, GER





Lisbeth AUTUMN TOUR 2016:

September 30 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Museum, Lueneburg, GER

October 2 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Cascadas Bar, Hamburg, GER

October 6 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Domicil, Dortmund, GER

October 7 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Jazzinitiative, Braunschweig, GER

October 8 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, BMC, Budapest, HU

October 10 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Debrecen, HU

October 11 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Pianosalon, Berlin, GER

October 12 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Kulturforum, Kiel, GER

October 13 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Kultur Gut, Doenkendorf, GER

October 14 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Landschaftsforum, Aurich, GER

October 15 w/ Lisbeth Quartett, Saxstall, Pohrsdorf, GER





We have had a beautiful tour in January 2015.

We recorded every gig

We will put some live stuff out for sure!

We love music!


New Record framed frequencies soon to be released on traumton

check here

January 9 w/ LQ Pianosalon, Berlin
January 10 w/ LQ Unterfahrt, München
January 11 w/ LQ KITO, Bremen
January 12 w/ LQ Kulturforum, Kiel
January 15 w/ LQ Moods, Zürich
January  17 w/ LQ Jazzschmiede, Düsseldorf
January  19 w/ LQ Grüne Aula, Lauenburg
January  20 w/ LQ Theaterstübchen, Kassel
January  21 w/ LQ Klappsmühl, Mannheim
January  22 w/ LQ Brotfabrik, Frankfurt am Main
January  23 w/ LQ Künstlerwerkstatt, Pfaffenhofen
January  24 w/ LQ Kallmann Museum, Isamning
January 25 w/ LQ Winterjazz, Brelingen



Aktuelles Album: Constant Travellers
VÖ: 28.10.2011
Traumton Records/INDIGO UPC 705304456224

Charlotte Greve: saxophone
Manuel Schmiedel: piano
Marc Muellbauer: bass
Moritz Baumgärtner: drums


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