Here are some of my most working, fun and interesting projects:

TAU – electro acoustic Hyperblast!!! 

Philipp Gropper - sax
Philipp Zoubeck - Synth
Petter Eldh - electric bass, m-pc
new material coming soon....stay posted

CAM - Weidner/Lang/Baumgärtner
Christian Weidner - sax
Andreas Lang - bass
Brussels Vocal Project plays Modern Tales - music by JOHN HOLLENBECK
5 Voices and drums.... only?! Great stories and the music of John Hollenbeck is making it not only work but also very interesting and unique!

Johanna Borchert Band
Johanna Borchert - voc, p, synth
Peter Meyer -git
Jonas Weestergard - moog, bass, voc
check: video webpage
New Record in Nov 2017

Johannes Bigge Trio "finest piano trio music" 
Johannes Bigge - piano, comp 
Athina Kontou - bass 

Mats Spilmann Trio
fresh - rough - beautiful music!!
composed by Ornette Coleman, Thelounius Monk and Mats 
Mats Spilmann - trumpet
Andreas Lang - bass

Johannes Fink's AMMONIAPHONE
Johannes Fink - cello, comp
Gehrhard Gschlössel - trb
we just recorded some nice video footage
check here

Julia Hülsmann "Not fast enough"
Julia Hülsmann - p,keys
Theo Bleckmann - voc
Hayden Chisholm - sax
a project with songs, energy and space. We only played at MOERS 2013 and Musikfestival Nijmegen so far... new things coming up!!
here is a little video
Uri Gincel Trio "FREE"
Joy! Power! old traditions in new shapes
Uri Gincel - piano / Andreas Lang - bass
check Homepage
check Video
download record

Das Rosa Rauschen
improvised music from Berlin with intergalactical strength! 
New Record out 2015: 8 Miniaturen
Felix Wahnschaffe sax,comp
Achim Kaufmann p 
Andi Lang b

berlin free jazz!!! Old Disney Songs!!!
Felix Wahnscharfe - sax,announcements
Marc Schmolling - p, keys 
Andreas Lang - Matthias Pichler - b
Live Record out now check here

Gabriel Coburgers "Quintett Jean Paul" Gabriel Coburger - sax, flutes Ken Norris - voc Matthäus Winnitzki - p Sven Kerscheck - b check videos   

GRAUGÄRTNER DUO electronics/drums Lars Graugaard - live processing record out in Nov 2016 check here 

Christoph Bernewitz noBASS Trio Christoph Bernewitz - git Peter Ehwald - sax  

Johanna Weckesser Quartett very special improvised music from muse to dabussy to messiah to originals Johanna Weckesser - git, comp / Manuel Schmiedel - p / Igor Spallati - b check Homepage 

Oliver Lutz Quartett record "Signal" coming soon Oliver Lutz - bass / Pablo Held - wurlitzer / Christoph Möckel - sax check Homepage check video

 Radar Timo Vollbrecht - sax, comp / Elias Stemeseder - p / Tim Kleinsorge - b, comp "Four of the most creative young minds on the improvisational scene." - Greg Cohen 
"A book of originals that holds our focus from downbeat to coda." - Greg Cohen 
"Ohrwurmartige Melodien paaren sich mit harmonischer Raffinesse." - Zürichseezeitung "Hochtalentierte junge Band." - Zürichseezeitung 
“Das Quartett um Timo Vollbrecht kommt in einer sowas von lässigen und relaxten Art daher.” - Jazz'n'more 
check Homepage buy record 

Zola Mennenoeh's Zola Run Zola Mennenoeh - voc, comp / Johanna Weckesser - git / Daniel Bödvarson - git / Igor Spallati - b check Homepage check video 
EP put now
I'm happy to work with a lot more great musicians. They are deeply inspiring, influencing, challenging and supporting me!
Please check out some of them:
Andreas Lang 
Daniel Glatzel
Marc Schmolling 
Christian Weidner 
John Gürtler
Johannes Lauer 
Oliver Potratz  
John Hollenbeck 
Frederik Vedersoe 
Johannes Fink
Matthias Pichler

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