Here are some of my most working, fun and interesting projects:

TAU – electro acoustic Hyperblast!!!

ALBUM coming Autumn 2020 At (STAATSAKT/funinthechurch) 

Philipp Gropper - sax
Philipp Zoubeck - Synth
Petter Eldh - electric bass, m-pc

hear a snippet

CAM - Weidner/Lang/Baumgärtner - band of my dreams!
improvised music, originals, songs, lots of music and love!
Christian Weidner - sax
Andreas Lang - bass
please check live video from beautiful Gig art serious Series 2017

Brussels Vocal Project plays Modern Tales - music by JOHN HOLLENBECK
5 Voices and drums.... only?! Great stories and the music of John Hollenbeck is making it not only work but also very interesting and unique!
release with radio france APRIL 2020

Johanna Borchert Band
Johanna Borchert - voc, p, synth
Peter Meyer -git
Jonas Weestergard - moog, bass, voc
check: video webpage
New Record out now

Johannes Bigge Trio "finest piano trio music" 
new record coming in Sept
Johannes Bigge - piano, comp 
Athina Kontou - bass 

Mats Spilmann Trio
fresh - rough - beautiful music!!
composed by Ornette Coleman, Thelounius Monk and Mats 
Mats Spilmann - trumpet
Andreas Lang - bass
to be released on CLEAN FEED in 2019

see live video

Johannes Fink's AMMONIAPHONE
Johannes Fink - cello, comp
Gehrhard Gschlössel - trb
we just recorded some nice video footage
check here

Julia Hülsmann "Not fast enough"
Julia Hülsmann - p,keys
Theo Bleckmann - voc
Hayden Chisholm - sax
a project with songs, energy and space. We only played at MOERS 2013 and Musikfestival Nijmegen so far... new things coming up!!
here is a little video

Uri Gincel Trio "FREE"
Joy! Power! old traditions in new shapes
Uri Gincel - piano / Andreas Lang - bass
check Homepage
check Video
download record

Das Rosa Rauschen
improvised music from Berlin with intergalactical strength! 
New Record out 2015: 8 Miniaturen
Felix Wahnschaffe sax,comp
Achim Kaufmann p 
Andi Lang b

berlin free jazz!!! Old Disney Songs!!!
Felix Wahnscharfe - sax,announcements
Marc Schmolling - p, keys 
Andreas Lang - Matthias Pichler - b
Live Record out now check here

Gabriel Coburgers "Quintett Jean Paul" Gabriel Coburger - sax, flutes Ken Norris - voc Matthäus Winnitzki - p Sven Kerscheck - b check videos   

GRAUGÄRTNER DUO electronics/drums Lars Graugaard - live processing record out in Nov 2016 check here 

Oliver Lutz Quartett record "Signal" coming soon Oliver Lutz - bass / Pablo Held - wurlitzer / Christoph Möckel - sax check Homepage check video

I'm happy to work with a lot more great musicians. They are deeply inspiring, influencing, challenging and supporting me!
Please check out some of them:
Andreas Lang 
Daniel Glatzel
Marc Schmolling 
Christian Weidner 
John Gürtler
Johannes Lauer 
Oliver Potratz  
John Hollenbeck 
Frederik Vedersoe 
Johannes Fink
Matthias Pichler

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